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International Adjudicators for 2023

Nicki Sack Bayhurst

Washington, D.C. USA

Ryan Carroll

Ontario, Canada

Margaret Cleary

California, USA

Katie Dean

California, USA

Barb Goggin

Ontario, Canada

Stacie Greiner

North Carolina, USA

Niall Holly

Dublin, Ireland

Sean Kennedy

California, USA

Ryan McCombe

New York, USA

Joe Seletski

New York, USA


Musicians for 2023

Marty Kilroy


Samantha McNamara

Mike Shaffer


Tessa Thistlethwaite

2023 Location

Sports Ohio

Field Sports 

6400 Dublin Park Dr.

Dublin, OH 43017


2023 Results & Thank Yous

We had almost 500 participants and many, many spectators attend the 2023 Columbus Feis.  There were 53 schools represented including Many from Central Ohio and the Midwest.  

We would like to thank all the parents, grandparents, family members, friends, instructors, volunteers and staff that made this event possible.  


older columbus feis
old columbus feis
Columbus Feis Logo

The Columbus Feis is an annual Irish step-dancing competition that has been held in central Ohio since 1980. The feis was founded by a group of local Irish dancers and musicians who wanted to create a space for people to celebrate Irish culture. In 1988, the first Dublin Irish Festival was held, and the two events have since become a popular tradition in the Columbus area.

Over the years, the Columbus Feis has grown in size and popularity. At its peak, the feis attracted over 1,600 competitors, and the Dublin Irish Festival had over 100,000 visitors. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the Columbus Feis in 2020 and relocation to the Dublin Rec. Center in 2021.

In 2023, the Columbus Feis returned with a new venue, energetic volunteers, and excitement for the future. The new venue, Sports Ohio Field Sports, provides a spacious and modern facility for the event. The energetic volunteers are dedicated to making the feis a success. And the excitement for the future is palpable, as people look forward to celebrating Irish culture once again.




Columbus Feis

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