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Columbus Feis Logo

August 2nd, Adult Grades and
Adult Groups at Dublin Irish Festival

August 3rd, Grades and All
Champs at the Nationwide
Hotel and Conference Center


NEW 2024 Venue!
Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

100 Green Meadows Drive South
Lewis Center OH, 43035

Hotel Block is OPEN!


Complimentary Breakfast


Ample Parking

Ticket to the Dublin Irish Festival

with Every stay

2024 Registration is OPEN!

2nd Chance

Novice, Prizewinner,
Preliminary Champ


Charity Blind
Treble Reel

Ann Richens Champs

Parade of Champions

All 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place

Champs dancers are invited to perform at

the Dublin Irish Festival Saturday evening. 


 2024 International

Dara O'Shea Delap, Edinburgh, Scotland

Barbra Goggin, Toronto, Ontario

Philip Owens, Tampa, Florida

Terry Gillan, Tampa, Florida

Joseph Seletski, New York, NY

Caiomhe McCormack Boylan, Drogheda, Ireland

Karl Drake, Atlanta, Georgia

Mairead Stillson, Portland, Maine

Carlene Stillson, Portland, Maine

Coleen Mulhern, Chicago, Illinois


2024 Musicians



older columbus feis
old columbus feis
Columbus Feis Logo

The Columbus Feis is an annual Irish step-dancing competition that has been held in central Ohio since 1980. The feis was founded by a group of local Irish dancers and musicians who wanted to create a space for people to celebrate Irish culture. In 1988, the first Dublin Irish Festival was held, and the two events have since become a popular tradition in the Columbus area.

Over the years, the Columbus Feis has grown in size and popularity. At its peak, the feis attracted over 1,600 competitors, and the Dublin Irish Festival had over 100,000 visitors. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the Columbus Feis in 2020 and relocation to the Dublin Rec. Center in 2021.

With 2024, the Columbus Feis will be at a spacious, modern venue, the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. While Sports Ohio Field Sports offered ample space, we felt you deserved better. This new location will comfortably accommodate the many competitors, spectators, judges, musicians, and volunteers who share our passion for celebrating Irish culture in Central Ohio.

Ann Richens
Memorial Dance Off

Champion of Champions

2012 Michael Holland - Richens-Timm
2013 Drew Lovejoy - McGing
2014 Michael Fleck - Richens-Timm
2015 Brandon Asazawa - Leneghan Academy
2016 Hannah Graber - Regan-Rankin-Holland
2017 Mackenzie Arens - Regan-Rankin-Holland
2018 Erin Malloy - Glencastle
2019 Abigail Zetzer - Regan-Rankin-Holland
2020 - NA
2021 Cassidy Ludwig -Millenium
2022 Ciara Budi - Regan-Rankin-Holland
2023 Quinn McCarthy - Rankin-Holland

2024 ?

Volunteer to Help!

All volunteers will receive one ticket

to the Dublin Irish Festival.

Want to help out at the Feis? 

Click the link below and select a position and time slot.

Want to help but not sure what to do or have limited time?

Register for one of our open Floater positions and we will put you where we need you. 



  • Who runs the Columbus Feis?
    The Columbus Feis is a Non-Profit Organization that is made up of volunteers from all over Central Ohio. Many of the committee members are parents, former dancers or dancers themselves.
  • Is the Columbus Feis part of the Dublin Irish Festival?
    Although our histories are very much entwined, both events are separate from each other. We do work closely with DIF organizers to help put on the best Feis possible.
  • Why is the Feis not at Dublin Coffman Highschool?
    As much as we'd like to be, Dublin Coffman Highschool is no longer an option as a competition location. With the proximity to school starting and other factors we are no longer able to use that facility.

Columbus Feis

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